The Korean Fashion and Culture Association composes of professional scholars and fashion designers. Based on creative research, the Korean Fashion and Culture Association promotes cultural value of fashion, fosters Korea’s global competitiveness, and pursues industry and education relationship.

1) Promote the globalization of Korea’s fashion culture

2) Hold Annual exhibition, special exhibition, and show

3) Hold international fashion art exhibition, invite artists from abroad, and help members to participate in international art-to-wear exhibitions

4) Form cooperative relationships and interchange ideas with fashion industry or related areas

5) Encourage students in fashion disciplines in higher education and manage fashion contests for discovering young designers

6) Carry out projects for student scholarships in fashion disciplines

7) Other activities needed to achieve the association’s purpos


1995. 11. 29 : Established Korean Art to Wear Association

1997. 2. 22 : Changed name to the Korean Fashion and Culture Association

1997.6.19 : Incorporated association under the Ministry of Culture and Sports

2010 : The Ministry of Culture and Sports changed to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Incorporated association under the Department of strategic Content Industry, Cultural Content Industry Office, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism


1st      1995-1998    Bae Chun Bum        Ewha Womans University
2nd    1999-2002    Park, Min Yeo          Kyung Hee University
3rd     2003-2004    Kim, Minja               Seoul National University
4st      2005             Geum, Keysook       Hongik University
5st      2006             Park, Myung-hee     Konkuk University
6st      2007             Kim, Jung-hee         Gachon University
7st      2008             Kim, Youngin           Yonsei University
8st      2009             Choi, Hyon Sook      Dongduk Women’s University
9st      2010             Lee, Kihyang            Hansung University
10st    2011             Jin, Kyung-ok          Tongmyong University
11st    2012             Kim, Hea-yeon        Ewha Womans University
12st    2013             Lee, Younhee          Hanyang University
13st    2014             Lee, Joonhwa          Keimyung University
14st    2015             Kim, Hyekyung        Dongduk Women’s University
15st    2016             Kim, Jungsook         Yeungnam University
16st    2017             Kim, Jungshin          Hannam University
17st    2018             Kan, Hosup              Hongik University
18st    2019             Park, Sunhee            Ewha Womans University
19st    2020             Kim, Yoonhee          Hannam University
20st    2021             Park, Juhee              Kookmin University
21st    2022             Woo, Juhyung              Inha University


Professors, researchers, instructors, professionals employed in fashion fields: total 335 member

<Council Directory>


Lee Yoonmee, Hanyang Woman’s University

Chief Vice-President

Ha Seung Yeon, Kongju National University


Choi Sooah, Dankook University

General affairs Director

Joo Borim, Ewha Womans University

Financial Director

Kim Eunkyoung, Keimyung University


Kan Moon-ja, Honam University
Kang Juk Hyung, Dong-Seoul University
Kim Minki, Sejong University
Kim Sohyun, Daegu University
Kim Sook-jin, Sejong University
Kim Sung Hyon, Kookmin University
Kim Yoon, Duksung Women’s University
Kim Hyesoo, Baewha Women’s University
Roh Youn-sun, Dongseo University
Park Eun Kyung, Incheon National University
Park Hanhim, Gyeonggi Science and Technology University
Son Soo-min, Silla University
Suh Sungeun, Gachon University

Yang Eun Kyoung, Yonsei University
Um So-hee, Gangneung-Wonju National University
Lee Se-lee, Ewha Womans University
Lee Jung Soo, Ewha Womans University
Lee Jongseok, Kyungpook University
Lee Jeehyun, Yonsei University
Lee Hyunseung, Incheon National University
Jang Namkyung, Hansei University
Cho Kyoung-Hee, Mokpo National University
Choi Kyung Hee, Hansung University
Huh Jungsun, Kyungpook University


Park Juhee, Kookmin University

Woo Juhyung, Inha University


Park Myung-hee, Konkuk University
Kim Minja, Seoul National University
Lee Younhee, Hanyang University

Lee Joonhwa, Keimyung University
Park Sun Hee, Ewha Womans University
Kim Yoonhee, Hannam University

Next Generation
Committee Member

Kim Ji Eun, Yonsei University
Kim Jin Young, Hongik University
Kim Hye Lim, Ewha Womans University
Nam Yoon Jin, Ewha Womans University
Ro Juhyun, Chungnam National University
Ma Jin Joo, Hongik University
Moon Eun-Jeong, Soongeui Women’s College
Min Se Yeong, Yonsei University
Park Hee Jung, Baekseok University
Park Hyun Jung, Woosuk University
Bae Yunjee, Kyungpook University

Song Hye Ryeon, Gachon University
Youn, Ji Young, Dankook University
Lee Kyung Jin, Hannam University
Lee Yon Kyu, Hongik University
Lee Eun Jeong, Ewha Womans University
Lee Ji Yeon, MaxxCristina
Choi Jae Kyung, Kookmin University
Jang Soo Jin, Suwon University
Choi Chul Yong, Hongik University
Hahm Bong Hee, Culture Fashion & Co
Hong Hye Rim, Jeonghwa Arts College

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